Thursday, July 26, 2012

Riding the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry to Manitoulin Island

We rode the Chi-Cheemaun ferry from Tobermory to reach Manitoulin Island, the next destination on our road trip.  This huge multi-leveled ferry carries vehicles in the bottom deck and then has two more decks that include indoor and outdoor seating, a video games area, full cafeteria and dining area, a gift shop and even a little museum display about WWI hero Billy Bishop.

Those in the know quickly scampered out of their cars and snagged the few adirondack chairs that faced the stern of the ship for a stellar view departing from Tobermory.  We straggled but still managed to secure the first row of bench seats, since it was Monday early afternoon and not that busy.  The cool lake breeze was so refreshing after a very hot day of driving and the ride felt very smooth and pleasant.

I was just congratulating myself on not feeling motion sickeness when I decided to wander around inside the boat to see what was there.   As soon as I entered, I could feel the ship rocking back and forth and found I could not walk in a straight line.   However I perservered and continued my explorations.  I did wonder though about how the people could eat in the dining area.  That would have tested my stomach a bit too much.  After a few minutes, I returned to the safety and stability of the top deck of the back of the boat for the rest of the two hour ride.

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