Monday, July 23, 2012

North-West Ontario Road Trip - Biggest Roadside Attractions

This year rather than flying to Sioux Lookout to get to the family "cottage" on English Island, we decided to take a slow drive up through North-West Ontario, visiting as many " World's Largest ..." roadside attractions along the way.  This will include giant sculptures of everything ranging from moose, goose, swan, fish, a baseball, a curling stone, etc.  We found a website that lists these attractions and have used it to identify the ones that will be on our route:

We eased into this huge excursion by staying for the weekend at our friends' beautiful cottage near Midland/Penetanguishene.  From there, we plan to head to Tobermory, take the Chi-Cheemaun ferry across to Manitoulin Island, then continue the drive to Sioux Lookout via Sault Ste Marie, Marathon, Thunder Bay and Dryden, Ontario.  On the way home, we will visit Marquette Michigan and Sudbury to see the Big Nickel.

 So I guess there will be many photos of myself or Rich posing in front of big things.  I've already taken my first one, which is the Trumpeter Swan in Midland.  I hope Rich doesn't intend for me to imitate each big sculpture, like he did for this swan, since I'm not sure what I'd do for the nickel!

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  1. Looks like a fabulous itinerary! Our family always seeks out "world's largest" attractions when we travel throughout North America. Haven't done much in Canada, as yet.