Friday, May 14, 2010

Barcelona - First Day - Flight and Apartment

Flying Air France is superior to Air Canada in so many ways. The food is better, the seats seem a bit bigger, and the flight actually left ahead of schedule! Getting to downtown Barcelona from the airport was also easy and inexpensive, with an Aerobus costing 5 Euros per person that dropped us off a block from our apartment. Toronto needs something like this!

The apartment could not be better situated, as it is right downtown in the heart of all the shopping, restaurants and tourist areas. It's like staying on Bloor and Yonge except that all the stores and buildings are works of art and tourist attractions in their own right. The apartment is a studio loft on the 5th floor of a beautiful modernista building, with the stunning view of Passeig Gracia that you see here.

We wandered around the neighbourhood a bit, and went to this huge 9 floor department/grocery store where we picked up food for dinner and breakfast. But flying the red-eye and getting just 3-5 hours sleep has wiped us out and our pledge to stay awake until at least 8pm to ward off the jet-lag is waning by the minute.

Hope to have more energy tomorrow when we're off to explore the Bari Gothic area.

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