Sunday, May 23, 2010

Barcelona - Els Quartre Gats Restaurant

Els Quatre Gats (The 4 Cats) is a beautiful Modernista restaurant just a few blocks south of our apartment, where Picasso hung out with his friends, and exhibited one of his first solo showings of his works. We ate dinner there on our last night in Barcelona and were taken by the exquisite decor, the historic significance of the restaurant (with many Picasso memorabilia on display, including the menu cover which was designed by Picasso), and the lovely jazz music played by the live pianist. There were balconies on each side with tables overlooking the rest of the restaurant. The food was traditional Catalonian fare which was reasonably good, but not the main reason to come to this restaurant. I thought the plates were very stylish and came in 4 designs that made you want to eat your food quickly to see which plate you got.

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