Wednesday, August 29, 2012

North West Ontario Drive - Dorset, then Home!

The final stop of our long drive to North West Ontario and back ended in Dorset, Ontario for a final visit before heading home.  Our friend's beautiful home has a large bay window that faces Otter Lake.  Rich spent several days parked on her retro-styled red chair admiring the view.  Dorset is a pretty little harbour town whose downtown seems to be just a few blocks but hosts two competing ice cream parlours both selling Kawartha Diary products.

Our drive home from English Island was stormy and rained so hard that we had to pull over twice because we couldn't see.  After 7 days of lack of connectivity on the Island, I was looking forward to being on the internet again.  But this inclement weather seemed to proceed us to each stop on the way home and for the next 3 nights, we were told that the storm had knocked out the internet service at our motel .. and sometimes even the cable, so no Olympics.  The final straw was when we reached Sudbury and found that the motel we had booked had lost power all together.  We felt like we were the kiss of death weather-wise.
After 3+ weeks and 4600km of driving (or in my case, overdosing on coffee in order not to fall asleep as the passenger and miss the great views), it's so good to be home.   Hello king-sized bed! Hello computer and stable internet service!  Hello big bathtub! I've missed you all so much and I'll never leave you again!!! ... until the next trip :)

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