Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Paris - Random Quirky Sights

Orangina has a whole different marketing strategy in France than in North America. Maybe this is why it is so prevalent in all the bars and brasseries.

I liked this street graffiti that I saw in the Latin Quarter of Einstein and the Fab Four made up to look like Kiss, and this drawing of Hitchcock directing the movie "The Birds" which was on Rue Mouffetard. This "Face Sculpture" on the side of a building in the Marais was rather creepy.

We wandered around seeing all these cars but no gas stations and wondered where Parisans got gas. The mystery was solved one day when we came across this single fuel pump on the edge of the sidewalk that cars just pulled up to. And check out the cool car that we saw in the Latin Quarter.

This photo perfectly defines two terms for me .. "High Maintenance" and "Shopping Sherpa" (A husband dragged to the mall to carry the shopping bags, while his wife depletes yet another credit card)

Gallerie Lafayette had some very interesting candles, although they were what I consider to be "all flash, no function" since they will lose their shape as soon as you burn them.. or you never want to burn them which defeats the point of having candles.. I have some candles at home that fall into this category - too nice to burn.

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